RoseNoir is a London-based professional photographer with a career that spans over 15 years.

Since she was a teenager she developed the habit of outsmarting concert security to get her camera into venues to shoot her favourite bands. Visual Arts and Music fuel her passions and through Music Photography she found the pathway to blending those sublime worlds in their highest form.

She has been travelling the world working with musicians, models and performers, collaborating with magazines, fanzines and international festival organisation. ‚Äč She takes pictures out of a compulsion that eventually grew into a profession through which she makes her living.

Today RoseNoir is in demand as a tour and portrait photographer for artists of international fame. Her work appears on social media, international publications, CDs/DVDs and exhibitions.

She is known for always getting the shot, building a special connection with the artists, for capturing the emotion and passion out of a performance and transforming a simple act or expression into an iconic image with a unique atmosphere.

Fast, creative, extremely professional and a bit unorthodox, RoseNoir delivers exactly what her customers ask for and throughout all her career she is proud to say that she never received negative feedback.

When not on tour with bands you can find her in her flat in London. In her free time RN enjoys shooting Victorian monuments, architecture and gothic art of which she is passionate about.

Together with the photoshoot, she develops on request creative customised post-production and graphic projects and layouts for album/CDs/DVDs and merchandising.